Sketch Kick-Starter Template

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This is… 

A simple and minimalistic starter kit for every mid to big sized web or app project. It includes all essentials and provides high flexibility and consistency.

This is not…

A UI kit, a complete design system, a style guide template, a pattern library.

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Minimal & Simple

Basics only. No brainf**ck complexity. Just the essentials that you need for every project.


You can use the kick-starter template for every type of project. Whether it's a native iOS or Android App, Website, or Web-App.


This is not a UI kit - This template is made to be customized and extended to the needs of your projects.


Layer styles, text styles, symbols, nested symbols, simple and consistent naming pattern.


All symbols are built using Sketch constraints which means you can squeeze & stretch them.


Arrows, connectors, annotations. The basics to create simple flow charts and user flows.

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Noto font by Google:

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Sketch Kick-Starter Template

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